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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Liz Patterson, author of Mark of the Star

“Farewell, Glimrodel! Farewell, education! Farewell, Vilder! Hyah!” Jadev shouted dramatically, kicking his horse into a run and plunging down the hill.

“Wait!” Arvis cried. “If we’re racing to Atharas, I’m going to win, whether you have a head start or not.”

“Ha! Good luck!” Jadev called over his shoulder.

“As your princess, I order you to wait!”

“As your court jester, I cheerfully defy you.”

Fat raindrops plummeted heavily through the tree boughs, pelting against Arvis and her horse. The wide road was so impacted it did not turn to mud, however puddles formed in ruts and dips. Arvis’s horse splashed along, snorting its displeasure.

Jadev laughed, slowing down to ride close beside her. He had dug a floppy old hat out of his pack and now wore it at a jaunty angle. As he rode close, he took it off and held it over Arvis’s head. It did not offer much protection from the pounding rain, but she was touched by his gallantry.

“This is just our luck!” he exclaimed.

“Unfortunately so,” she replied.

“But, as you said, a little rain shall not be enough to deter us! I feel like I could face anything right now.”

Arvis glanced over at Jadev. His short curly black hair dripped in his face and his eyes shone brighter than usual. “Can’t you guess?” One side of his mouth pulled up into a charming crooked smile.

With impeccable timing, Calem [his younger brother] came charging by through a deep puddle, drenching them with the splash of water. Through the noise of the rain, Arvis was sure she could hear him hooting with laughter.

“Calem! Come back here, you! I’m going to dunk your head in the nearest puddle!” Jadev hollered.

Doesn't that snippet enchant you? Make you giddy and excited and want to read the whole bloody book?

I've found another blogger: Liz Patterson at Awake. While I never had the chance to really get to know her, I originally met Liz through competitive speech and debate. Now she's celebrating self-publishing her first novel, The Mark of the Star. I'm about to buy a copy.

It was reading that little section that she recently posted, as well as reading its entire post, Jadev- the Antihero in Us All, that made me want to share her blog with you.

I love her thoughts on writing and other authoress-ing [authoressing. Original verb by Grace DeBusschere. I need to take out a copyright].

Have fun perusing, as I have. And keep up the good work, Liz.


Liz said...

Thank you so much Grace! I can't wait to hear what you think of the story. Did I tell you that I actually started blogging because I enjoyed reading your blog so much?

~ Liz

Liz said...

P.S. Is your novel available for purchase? I'd love to read it!