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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Street rat? I don't buy that.

I've been enjoying cluttering up your stack of blog articles to read with things that charm me. This song is one of them. For starters, there's Scott Weiger's voice.

Stay dangerous,



Aubrey Burd said...


Alladin is in my top favorite movies ever. ;)

Evergreena said...

I agree with you here!

This movie makes being a so-called "street rat" look fun. Forget about the palace! When I saw this movie for the first time, I wanted to be like Aladdin, living up on some flat roof somewhere, jumping through windows and all that, admiring the view at night, etc. It's just so much more romantic and adventurous.

When you're in the luxurious palace, the view out your window is of the poverty-stricken city... Although, duh, it's surrounded by a wall. *sigh* Boring. :D

Qwip said...

Aww, you should have left "riff-raff" in the title so that it would scan... Great movie, though.