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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Marian! Thy fame will never die!

It's been a perfectly lovely Greenwood week, hasn't it?

I've posted some artwork HERE, along with many other posts,

Reynolds,' my personal favorite, HERE, (by the way- the lines on my header are from Reynolds);

Keats' HERE;

And, finally, Tennyson has a great one that Ophie posted HERE, as a side note. The whole post is great; read it all.

I posted a few poems of mine:

'The Cloak' (so Maid Marian-ish- I had to put it up),

I had so much fun dressing up as Marian-

I've written on "Robin Hood and Politics" as well as a quick post on what we find so fascinating about the legendary figure of his love, Maid Marian.

But Marian shall not disappear from this blog forever! Soon I shall post a character sketch of Marian as the heroine of my current story project.. after all, as Reynolds says, Marian's sweet fame shall never die.


~Miss Raquel said...

Bracie, in my opinion, you win!! Of all the girls' outfits that I've seen competing, I believe your's is the best!

~Miss Raquel

Amanda Flynn said...

Hi Bracie! I was wondering if you could add the specific post urls to each of the Mr. Linky categories. Since you just linked to your main blog url and this post here, I have no clue which posts are supposed to be entered in which category. Just a wee bit confusing. :)

Thanks so much! You did a great job!

Anonymous said...

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