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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Cloak

Take the time to read a poem! I should make a blog button that says that. The hardest part about poetry is that it takes patience. Won't you spare a moment to read one of mine? It's a hard decision for me to make- sharing any of my work on the world wide web... But since you can't make a penny writing poetry, I guess it's all right this time. It's not just about the cloak- it's also my thoughts about growing up.

The Cloak

Of mossy green, and inner, tan,
Stitched and sewn by some sweet hand,
And given as a gift to me-
Warrior elf, now sweet sixteen.

Mingled, girlish costume play
With Romance, Danger, Faraway!
The essence of a dream unblighted,
Though “growing up” has now been knighted
The wearer’s newest, greatest quest!
And yet…Never will my daydreams rest.

Though come to all, adulthood must,
Still, I’ll keep at bay the dust,
The Dust that seeks to cover all
Of Make Believe’s alluring call.

I wrap myself in Elfin warmth,
Banished - Peter Pannish gloomth
Resolved in life, to always hold
Some note of Fancy, Fables old
And Cloaks, of which the stories told.

Poem by Grace DeBusschere 5-14-09.


Marian said...

Aw, that's a great poem! I like how you put the cloak in it, at the beginning and end. =)

Rose said...

Very nice poem!!!! You've got talent.

Thanks for following my blog!

Rose said...

BTW, i like Gilbert and Sullivan too!

The Mikado and Pirates of Penzance are my fav's. =)

Una said...

That's an awesome poem, Bracie

Brandon said...

I love the poem. And I like how it matches your picture too. Thanks for sharing it!

Keep writing :)

MoonShaw said...

Great poem, Bracie. I really like it. And you are so pretty. I really like your profile!

Evergreena said...

This poem is just beautiful. It almost made me cry. I love it.

And thanks for following my blog!