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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Poetry's Square

Note: These are just exerpts. To read the whole thing, press the link. It's worth it to read it all. Enjoy!
Her blog has many poems!

I loved his poem on Empathy. Here are my favorite lines:
You write your laughter on my lips

My God YOU are my muse

My eyes they glow with your eclipse

My mind is but a ruse

I will no longer run and hide

From feeling others' pain

my God you've shown me how dear Lord

My heart is not to blame

I once was lost upon a sea

Of vastness great--and darkness keen

But now I've found the key dear Lord

Your love a chain to urge me forward

I was stunned by her Rain imagery:
I sit and stare as diamonds fall
And reach the ground, then shatter
And turn to liquid as they roll
Down the roads and hills.
And as I watch these little miracles uncoil,
I wonder what mysteries are within

My sister's makes me laugh. You simply must read it!

And so, with age,

Now the shadow is so bold.

Dark dusty days, so long the years,

the tale has fast grown old.

And now some classics. I simply had to post Reynold's beautiful piece again:

Maid Marian!

And of course we return to George MacDonald. I LOVE this one:

Rose o' my hert

Open yer leaves to the lampin' moon;

Into the curls lat her keek an' dert;

She'll tak' the colour but gi'e ve tune.

Buik o' my brain,

Open yer neuks to the starry signs

Lat the een o' the holy luik an' strain

An' glimmer an' score atween the lines.

Cup o' my sowl,

Gowd an' diamond an' ruby cup

Ye're noucht ava but a toom dry bowl,

Till the wine o' the kigdom fill ye up.


Mirror the infinite all in thee;

Melt the bounded and make it pass

Into the tideless, shoreless sea.

World of my life,

Swing thee round thy sunny track;

Fire and wind and water and strife--

Carry them all to the glory back.

Out o the dim wood came two lovely orms into the moonlight, and sotly approached him--so sotly that he knew nothing of their nearness until Floramil spoke.

"Is that McPhail?"

"Yes, my lady," answered Malcolm, and bounded to his feet.

"What were you singing?"

"You could hardly call it singing, my lady. We should call it crooning in Scotland."

"Croon it again then."

"I couldn't, Milady. It's gone."

~That's from MacDonald's Malcolm. He doesn't write poetry very often.

And lastly, a few of mine:

The Cloak (I simply had to re-post it)

And one I wrote some time ago based on Psalms 131:

A Simple Poem.

Lord, I come with humbled heart,
My pride has left my eyes.
I come a child, full of trust,
I leave behind all ties.
I come a child, unconcerned
With things too great for me,
I come a child, longing just
To sit here, at your knee.
With quiet soul, and patient heart,
I put my hope in you.
I give my heart!
I give my soul!
I’m yours, Lord,
through and through!

This is not the last Poetry's Square! If you have a poem (or want to post ANOTHER poem) just drop a comment. Or an email (see sidebar.)

If enough of you have more poems, we'll do this again!


Cassie said...

I'd love to do it again! This time I will be prepared and will get to work ahead of time! :D

All of those poems were beautiful and I enjoyed having my love of poetry awakened and now I'll be writing it again!

Danzibar said...

I went to every blog you linked too! have so many beautiful friends! :)

Anonymous said...

why thank you! *blushes*
that's most likely the best poem i've written, but it didn't take me that wrong to write... :P

Danzibar said...

The maid marian's wardrobe medieval fashion event poster on your left sidebar is distracting me...what exactly is it you really get to dress up medieval style? that would be I'm depressed that I live on the other side of the least I think I do...come to think of it I have no idea why I'm thinking you're west coast...hmm...

***Emily*** said...

I tagged you Bracie!

Kendra Logan said...

I loved those lines!

Eruanna said...

If you like to read or smiley faces I have awards on my blog that you might like!