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Monday, August 31, 2009

Poetry's Square

Since I've been on the subject of poetry so much lately. I thought I might try to get everyone involved. Also, as my Father pointed out, there is no harm in posting poetry on the internet because you can't make a penny selling poetry. =D

In short, I have a marvelous idea. Poetry's Square.

I want YOU, my wonderful (if few) readers to post a poem you have written on your blog. Then comment and tell me that you're in. I'll go to your blog, check out your poem, and link you to the "Poetry's Square" page. Then we can all read each other's poems. If I reeeally like it, I'll re-post it here and link to you, of course.

Then link the Poetry's Square image back here.

All the Poetry's Square links will be under my label "Poetry."

So you-

~ Post a poem written by you (or someone else) on your blog

~ Comment and tell me so

~ Go to my sidebar and find "Musings On..."

~ Click the label for Poetry

~ Copy the link

~ Place the "Poetry's Square" image on your sidebar with the copied link

~ Come and find other blogs with great poetry!


Anonymous said...

whoa... that's awesome! i'll do it! you can go to my blog (waning candles and ink) i'll go and post one or two now! hay, this is perfect... i'm about to take an online poetry class this Wednesday!!!!! :)

The Reluctant Dragon said...

yay!!!! Just don't forget the button...

Bracie (on her sister's account)

Bethany said...

Bracie, I think you asked me if I had a followers box...I moved it up to the top of my sidebar, so feel free to follow! :)

Bracie said...

YAY! I will... But tyou'd better write me a poem... =D

Cassie said...

Fun! I'll do it!... tomorrow. It's bed time now. :D

Great idea!

Anonymous said...

I'm in! I already have a poem in mind. It actually got published in a magazine^^