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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


"Hi there. I've got an appointment today..."

"Yes, honey. You just head right on back." A middle aged receptionist with shoulder length, dyed-red hair -that had been in rollers all night long- cracked her lipstick a tad as she flashed me a truly gorgeous smile. I tried to return her grin brightly, but as I brought my feet toward the back waiting room (through a hallway that creaks as though wild tapirs were roaming...) I struggled to keep my stomach steady.

Today's appointment will be a long one.... I remembered Dr. K----r's words. And we have lots of exciting things planned for you today.

Exciting things. What exactly does exciting mean in the terms of an orthodontist? Running my tongue over the metallic hardware glued to my teeth by so0me mysterious device, I shuddered. Exciting. I didn't want to think about it.

Ah, yes. The orthodontist's office. After brushing my teeth at the brushing station I headed for one of the low booth-couch-things with fabric almost water-proof feeling, but not quite. I tried vainly to focus on my assigned reading for literature class, Huckleberry Finn, rather then letting my attention wander to one of the neon-headered (headered? You know what I mean...) fashion magazines I never, ever!

...rarely read. Or even, truth be told, a Highlights magazine.

Anything but Huck Finn.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noted a girl about my age with highlighted blonde hair wearing

a black sweat suit (with white stripe down the side) and, on her feet, tan ugg boots that she tucked underneath her before reaching for a copy of Seventeen. She'd waited only a few moments before being lowered into a chair and hucked a pair of dark shades, supposedly to shield you from the overhanging light...or the orthodontist's nasal hair.

She got here later then I did. Why does she get to go first?

Soon after the girl had seated herself in one of the torture wagons... excuse me, dental chairs, I watched with amusement as another girl, 16 or 17, seated herself in the exact same spot. She, too, had paired a black sweat suit with slouchy tan ugg boots. And she, too, had highlighted blonde hair.

I had to blink to be sure I wasn't seeing double. But no, it was a different girl.

Note to self- next time I get my braces tightened, I'm wearing a black sweat suit. With tan ugg boots.

I'd better go buy some ugg boots. Oh, and a cellphone with a texting plan while I'm at it. Gotta complete the look.

Mom says, "They looked really comfy."

For pete's sake, why not, if you're going to be in an orthodontist chair for a coupl'a hours?

But these fall fashions are really getting me...


Jare and Lib said...

The shades are most certainly for the nasal hair-what else? *blank look* Thats the only reason I wear them. *wink*

And have you ever been right before lunch?? Then you get to hear all of their stomachs growling-simple lovely.

Just so you know, I love your random post.
-Lib, retainer mouth

Anonymous said...

Bracie dear,

They really did look comfy. :) I've been scoping out warm-ups for you when I shop, but so far I haven't had the nerve to pick one up for you. You know how I hate to see things going to waste and you and your dear sister are a tad on the finnicky side. But maybe you will simply look at it as having a well developed sense of self.

Whatever you wear, you are my dear dear Bracie. So thankful God gave you to me!

Your Mother

Hannah said...

Oh, the adventures we have at the orthodontist... :)

Bethany said...

I love it! specially the ugg boots, i gotta get some of those :)

Danzibar said...

My sister has Ugg boots...our cousins in California got them for her...if anyone knows how to complete the "look" it's valley girls, although they speak in very interesting ways. One literary genius referred to it as the "like-like stutter..." But enough of that...I totally sympathize, I had braces when I was younger...I was supposed to wear a retainer for about 5 years or more too but of course I didn't...and they hardly shifted at all, so now I'm done with the whole took a little while for that brace-cement to wear off my teeth though... ;)

love your post!

Ashley said...

I'm going to tell Dr. K that you talked about his nose hair on your blog ;-)
P.S. but I never noticed, I don't look in peoples noses ;-)

Adam said...

Dr. K----r?

Dr. Killer! O.0