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Friday, October 2, 2009

Tee Hee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LEGWARMERS are intense. Knitting away at a pair...
I'm following my own blog.......................
That was all. But I think it's funny.

I don't have anything to label this as, so I'm putting it under "entertainment."

And creating a new label--

Epic. Or should it be Epicness? Imput, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gabby said...

I like Epic!!!

I miss you!! =(

Call me when you get to it.

Maggie said...

Love the randomness of this post by the way! Those leg warmers are really cute!!


Jare and Lib said...

I like Epicness!

Bridget said...

Love legwarmers! They're on my list of fashion accessories I'm obsessed with, along with brown boots and multicolored socks and fingerless gloves. =] Did you finish your scarf?

Evergreena said...

Cool! Epicness!

I'm trying to figure out how to knit a pair of fingerless gloves. The pair I have now are just from Wal-mart, and I took the scissors to 'em. Unfortunately, I haven't a clue how to read those stinkin' knitting patterns. I've only ever made scarves and, um, scarves. And Beanie Baby blankets.

√čarwen said...

Yes, sure thing you can use my posts!
Just be sure and credit them to me or my blog. :)
Oh, and by the way - I'm a Devoted Scribbler on my Sword of Earwen blog *grins*
You're reading Brisingr?
GREAT book!
Love Angela and Blodgharm.

Hannah said...

Those are so cute! I'm gonna have to knit some...^_^
LOVE Brisingr, my FAVORITE (so far) of the cycle. :D

Calico Zak said...

If You are trying to be random spell Epicness with a K. You know misspell the Misspelled word.
Rather the word that ain't real.

~Calico Zak

PS according to some Grammatarians Ain't is not a word.

PSS Grammatarians is not a word according to spell checker.