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Friday, January 13, 2012

A couple seconds into a Spanish conversation with a 14yo kid with a skateboard:

Jojo: You--look---beautiful.
Me: You speak English, too?
Jojo: ¿QuĂ©?
Me: No importa..... (I think it was the only thing he knew how to say in English.....)


Rachel said...

" Euhporia " is back with a new name and facelift! check it out and spread the word!

-Rach :)

Kyle said...

So if I don't respond for a few days you're wondering if I'm still around, but you disappear for twice as long (Maybe? It feels like it, at least) and everything's normal? =P

Seriously, I want to hear from you. I can't tell if you're angry because of what I had to say about Burr (if that is the case, I am very sorry. It meant a lot to me that you were finally willing to let me see it), or if you're just playing your disappearing act again.

Also, I'm working on Grim Tidings now, and, if it's not too much to ask, I would be very honored if you would be the first reader. I greatly respect you as a writer and a reader, and you are a very dear friend, so I would greatly appreciate it if you would take a look at the chunks I've done.

(By the way, I recognize that this isn't really a comment on your story about Spain, but since you grabbed my attention through a similar manner, I thought it fitting. If you'd rather not have this awfully strange form of spam, feel free to delete it.)