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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grace says flow!

This, leftover-blog-readers, is a picture that Hannah sent me. Hannah is the cutie with the headband, holding a flow pad. Oh, wait. They're all holding flow pads.

Due to my ocean-trip with my parents last weekend, I missed coaching debate of Friday. Via email, I issued my debaters some very strongly articulated instructions to make sure and flow all the rounds. Obviously, they acquiesced, and even took a photo as proof.

I'm rooting for you all! Show those cases off to the world! Wow those Oregon debaters with your prowess in cross-x and your lucid humor in your rebuttals!

You are among the best Lincoln Douglas debaters I have ever seen already. All of you. I wish I could watch these first debut rounds. I'm thinking of you often, my pulchritudinous deb8ers! RAWK ON.

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