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Sunday, October 30, 2011

From 10/28/11 [It's a pity that graphite only copies into electronic form so well. I need to do this one again on real paper with charcoals]
[It takes over the whole spread of my sketchbook, which results in the unsightly line running through the middle of the landscape. But.... if you know what I mean.... this sketch needs a lot of space.]


[what it looks like in my sketch book]

It obviously needs more time. It's not a very skillfully executed project, but the little man shouting at the sky from the top of a mountain is very dear to me.



Hannah said...

I'm fond of your little man as well. :)

{Libstir} said...

I love the space in it it Grace, very much worthy of a second page (I luve sketches on two pages - something about it just makes me happy).