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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yes, I stayed up for the wedding.....

....and tortured my facebook friends with constant updates throughout the evening [I wish I knew how to do a cool screen cap thing]. Here are the statuses:

Sophia, on the choir boys: "By the time this service is over, all their voices will have changed."

All the choir boys look like mini Harry Potters.

I liked him, the guy that just spoke. He had gusto. Why did William look so bored?

Kate's not used to being royalty. She keeps surpressing all of her smiles. I think she's trying to look stoic, but they keep peeping through.

The hats! Just look at the hats!

Sophia says they all look grumpy.

Sophia was a bit out-of-sorts herself--- I'd been up doing homework, but she had been asleep for about two hours when I pounced on her and shoved a laptop screen [with live streaming of the royal wedding flashing on it] in her face. She was exceptionally witty, however.

Harry's girlfriend is the absolute ANTITHESIS of Kate.


Great. Because Kate wore a long-sleeved lace wedding dress, when [if!] my turn eventually comes around, they'll be as common as the strapless ones are now.

PPS: I checked to see if I had a post tag "weddings" but the only "we-" one I have is "weapons."


Skyla said...

Hey, I just left your Blog and i came back to it in like 1 sec and here is a new post HA HA HA :)

Bridget said...

heehee, the PPS made me laugh. a lot.

Autumn said...

Hahahaha! I bet that drove your FB friends nuts!

Evergreena said...

I hardly knew about the wedding until after it happened. *shame* And we don't have TV, so I had to look up her dress online when I heard it had sleeves. YAY FOR SLEEVES! Ahem.

Oh, weddings and weapons have a lot in common.

Haley said...

I knew almost nothing about the wedding until the day of. And then I watched the thing on 2020 about it for two hours. LOVE HER DRESS!!!!!

Weapons, weddings, close enough!