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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yes; I'll shamelessly promote you...

One of Tay's Amigurumis>

... I just have to find your blog first.

I randomly clicked on one of my followers, whose profile was "TAY."

It's pretty intriguing. READ:

About me
HEY, I'm Tay! I'm homeschooled and I wear WAY to much eyeliner ;) I am proud to be a christian! and I have 3 younger siblings! I'm pretty much the original scene type person with all these crazy, random skills; and I guarantee you'll never EVER find another like me. if I couldn't write or listen to music, my head would totally blow off :D I really like the words "Fearless" and "epic" and I have no idea why. the color purple is amazing!I really, really, really DON"T like Taylor swift. My dream is to publish books and to hug an Amish yeah...? This is blog about all the crazy random stuff that happens to me, or all the crazy stuff I make. So please feel free to follow and comment! Enjoy Fearless! ~TAY

She sounds like a spunky person, yes? So I visited her blog, FEARLESS and poked around. I thought you might have fun doing the same thing. She crochets or knits or something these adorable little animals called amigurumi. I'm afraid I'll horrifically bad at handiworks like that... but I'm very good at appreciating them. Her URL is something about being an art frreak, which also intrigued me. You all know how much I love art. =D

I love people with spice. Thanks for having spice, Tay.

And for all the rest of you: hey! Follow me! I might think you're super cool!


1 comment:

Tay said...

Thanks So much for the link to my blog!! yours is CRAZY, super, AWESOME!!!!

You just made my day :)
Tay, from Fearless Blog & fearless Photography.