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Monday, March 15, 2010

A quick quip:

In mind of the last post:


A beauty lover that can't pass up playing a good game of football to save her life...

That makes everything simpler, doesn't it?

Oh, but I forgot part of it.

Someone who aches to be so passionate for her savior that she'll dance for him constantly. Aches to be, mind, not necessarily is already.



Qwip said...

hehe.... it'd be funny if you had to play a good game of football to save your life.

Gray said...

I wouldn't mind that at all. =D

Actually, I was just considering making a post that simply said, "I wonder if Quip ever reads my blog..." in hopes that you would comment. Ah well. Now I have my answer!

Qwip said...

Haha... sad, now I don't get a post all to myself.

For the record, I read your blog erratically, but I usually remember to check it once or twice a week. I'll probably read it more now that you're posting more often.