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Saturday, November 21, 2009


A Round Robin.

Done! Very exciting! Ophie and I had oodles of fun...

Although once I gave my apologetics speech in the wrong room! All I had to do was switch places with another competitor, so it all worked out all right. Still... (sigh).

One (awesome) novice made my day. He said:

"At first, when everyone was talking about Qualifying tournaments, they were calling them "Qualifiers" and I had no idea what they were talking about. I was thinking, 'Koala fires? Why would you want to go to a Koala fire?'"

Is that an epic quote or what? The rest of the day I kept saying (in my Aussie accent), "Crikey! It's a Qualifier!"

Time for bed...

Grace, earnestly looking forward to the rest of the year's Qualifiers/Koala Fires!


Haley Kovach said...

Oh, Gracie. :) So fun... it was nice to meet you in person and watch some of your events! I LOVED the duo you and Sophie did! I loved your apologetic speech as well.


Rachel Pettersen said...

Oh Bracie, how I adore you!!!!! That is sooooo cute! I'm so glad I got to see you yesterday (finally!) It's been forever! You and Sophia did an AWESOME job in the duo. I just loved it!! You are so good at interps, and, well, all your events! And Sophia did so amazing... didn't she place in four or five events? Amazing girl... well, I'd better go. Love ya,

Hannah said...

You're so funny, Grace!! And you beat me to blogging about the tournament.... :P I had so much fun seeing you and to echo everyone else, I LOVED the duo with your sister. :)

Destiny said...

Haha that's funny!!! I can't wait till all the tourney's start!!! :)

P.S. I LOVE your profile picture!! you're sooo pretty!! :)


ElizabethMarieKauffman said...

haha! That is hysterical!!! :D I lived in Australia for the first years of my life, so all I can say is. . . love it!! ;)

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