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Saturday, August 22, 2009

For the sake of a Ribbon...

Right now I'm wearing my green hair ribbon
I call it my "exciting" hair ribbon.
Supposedly, I only wear it when I'm excited about something.
But I can't think of anything to be excited about. How Unusual.
OH! I have it! I'm excited for random comments! Comments that tell me one thing about artichokes.
How do you feel about artichokes?
By the way, Ava took that picture. She's 5. How's that for a budding photographer, Kei?


Keilah said...

Hmmm... maybe you're excited about the photo shoot I am going to do for you WHEN YOU RESPOND TO MY EMAIL! [smile]

Artichokes are growing in our garden! They are really cute. Not very good, but still cute.

Tell Ava that is a lovely picture!

Email me....


Marian said...

Artichokes are ok. Not my favourite, but not bad.

Siminy said...

I'm lost, are they something Artie choked on?

Wow she is a budding photographer.

Bethany said...

I like artichokes. We can't grow them tho. had one that stayed in the tiny plastic pot for way too long, and then produced one pitiful flower/thing and is still puttering along at 8 inches high.

Stella said...

Artichokes?! Yuck!

Haha, really, I don't understand how people can enjoy them. They're the kind of food that your mother makes you eat when you're little "because they're good for you" and then you grow up the loathe them.

Ew. I can't event think about them for long periods of time.

Hahaha.....artichokes...that's pretty random :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Yum! I love artichokes. Does anyone know how to eat them? Peel off a leaf, dip it in mayonaise and eat. Random, huh? It tastes the best that way though.

your mother said...

Here is the randome thought of your mother concerning artichokes: I look forward to the day when you can drive store to buy me an artichoke. YUM! In fact, I'm now getting a pregnancy induced artichoke craving.

your mother (who is enjoying your blog, dear.)

Jare and Lib said...

I like artichokes, not my favorites but they are good.