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Friday, August 21, 2009


One of my favorite lines from the movie (although also a wonderful book!) Kidnapped:

"Ye got te get a bit a' poetry to yer Soul, Davy lad!" Spoken in a thick Scottish accent, these are the words of a gruff military man and radical revolutionary for the cause of "Bonny Prince Charlie.

Yet he speaks of "Poetry to yer Soul!" If there is anything I love, it's a bit a' poetry added everywhere to everyday life.

While I'm not necessarily afraid of growing up, I am afraid of getting dragged down by life's grind and losing all "Poetry to my Soul." When I feel that life is going by too fast, I get scared. Scared because I feel tired, or grumpy. Perhaps I'm getting too old. Perhaps I'm letting myself lose my vivacity for living!

But if a Soldier Scot serving a lost cause in his forties can keep up a little poetry, then so can I.

So I sneak outdoors a minute and look down at a sprig of false Lily of the Valley. Or I pick a pink rose and stick it in my hair. Or grab Ophie and listen to a Celtic CD in the kitchen.

We dance , of course.


Hannah said...

I love poetry. Real poetry is like music that's transposed into words.


Marian said...

Good post! Love the map, too; it's new to me. I guess music is my poetry in life, but I do love reading good poetry. Which Kidnapped movie was the one you quoted?

Bracie said...

That's from the Armand Assante version. Great movie. Beautiful soundtrack and filming!!!!

Bekah said...

I truly love poetry.


Zombie Logic said...

Stopping by to say hello and invite you and all poetry bloggers to my ezine.