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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lassies and Laddies:


Love plaid in a major way.

Isn't it uncanny when you find the blog of another girl on the world wide web that closely resembles your own sentiments on a large range of topics?

This was how I felt bumping into Bethany's blog. She likes plaid too. Smiles.

Anywho, I was just recently reminded how much I love anything Scottish because my Grandmother just returned from her vacation to Europe. Ooodillally!

If you share an affinity for anything Scottish, read a George MacDonald now!

I mean it. Best books ever!


Siminy said...

Oohhh I love George MacDonald books! Only I can't get any that are not edited! I think I've only ever read one that wasn't!

Bethany said...

Tee-hoo! [okay, that's a Pogo-ism..]
Yes, I know how you feel, it is so awesome to find someone with the same tastes! :)

Eh, George MacDonald is good, but it seems like his longer novels all follow the same pattern. I guess it's been awhile, I might like them better now.

Ohhh plaid is so cool!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I would like to read books by him. But have you ever heard about the Stonewycke Triology, by Michael Phillips and Judith Pella, I totally recommend it. It's about a Scottish you girl and her growing up. When I finished the last book about two months ago I went to my Mummy and stated, I want to marry a Scotsman, so he can call me Bonnie Lass.

Bracie said...

Actually, I have read Stonewyke! By Michael Phillips! And I love them!

If you like Stonewyke, I highly suggest George MacDonald. Years after MacDonald was dead, Michael Philips re-edited and re-published many George MacDonald novels. He loves MacDonald so much, he wished there were more books of his. So he wrote Stonewyke.

MacDonald is an ispiring role model or an author. He's also the real deal. =D

And I am SO WITH YOU on the bonny lass thing. Oh, I couldn't put them down! AS soo n as I finished the first one, I went on Amazon and begged Daddy to let me buy the next...

I was almost as excited as I was before I read the sequel to Malcolm (A G MacDonald..)!!!