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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

30 things...

Picture from- I don't know!

1. I'm wearing a green sweater that was my grandmother's. It's from the 60's and I love it. It has the prettiest leaf design. I'll post a picture sometime...

2. I have a horrid head-ache. Pounding, pounding... "Drums, drums in the deep"

3. I think "Snow White" is a great movie. Ava and Milo, my little sibs, are watching it right now.

4. I should go outside and play with my doggies and horses. If only my head would stop...

5. When I was 13 or so, I took great pride in being a soprano. Now I sing anything and LOVE alto. What a silly girl I was...

6. Since I'm on the subject of singing, let me just say that I wish I could harmonize beautifully and flawlessly. I'm working on it!

7. I secretly (or not so secret anymore!) love lots of the old animated Disney movies. With the exception of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Little Mermaid, and The Lion King.

8. Despite my dislike for Disney's Arial, I LOVE MERMAIDS! I've been drawing them like crazy lately.

9. Wild Bleeding Heart is one of my favorite flowers.

10. I'm 5'8" or 5'9". I can't remember. =D

11. I have a pair of plaid sneakers.

12. Do I really have to do 30 of these? I'll stick to basics, this is getting looong...

13. I have brown hair

14. and brown eyes

15. and freckles

16. and braces

17.'s that for basic?

18. Actually, the reason my online name is "Bracie" is that I got my braces around the same time as Ophie started blogging.

19. Anyone wanna take a shot at me real name?

20. I love Ed Emberly's book on how to draw fingertip ink figures.

21. I just plain love drawing.

22. And painting!

23.Well, not all painting. I've gotta work on my Oils.

24. But Watercolour is amazing!

25. I spell Watercolours the English way, for kicks.

26. We went Geocaching today!

27.I'm not very tech savvy. At all.

28. In fact, I almost died trying to get a three-column background!

29. I'm part of a competitive Speech and Debate league. And I love it.

30. Yikes! Ummm.... I like the letter Q

But wait, folks, there's more! Yes, there really is more to say about me. I'll have to do this again sometime. Thanks to Will at Equus Delirus for tagging me!

I tag-




Calico Zac,

and Jare, who has to do it alone because Libby is gone.

Ha! Jare, despite what you say, you now have something to post about, other than the word "hi."


Calico Zak said...

Actually I did the thirty things already.
And your name is....

Bethany said...

tehe! I just got this tag, and was about to tag you when I was checking you're address for a link and WHOOPS!!

Equus Delirus said...

I know you so I will not say

Bridget said...

I am jealous of your plaid sneakers!

You do seem a bit like an Amanda...

Anonymous said...

This is going take forever to complete. Come check my blog in a year or so.

And I know your real name because my mom is best friends with your mom. I even know your last name. But I'm going to keep it a secret.

Ashley said...

I've known you for probably 13 years and, no, I didn't forget your name.

***Emily*** said...

Cool! I'm going to take a shot at your name, is it Grace? Also I really love your cloak!