you never can begin to live until you dare to die...

Monday, February 18, 2013



Danzibar said...

Hey Gray,

It's been a while.
I love this piece that you wrote. Somewhat of a battle cry against a world that has seemingly traded relevance, faith, and introspection, for apathy and oblivion. It's strange really. I can only credit it to all the distractions we have available these days. There seems to be a consumable for every conceivable healthy activity including philosophy. This has created a bewildering world (at least for me) with a myriad of views, but few people of real depth or thought. There are an awful lot of catalog cut-outs walking around. This has created a spiral of words resulting in dogmatic deadlock and shouting. There are so many people arguing about so many things, and honestly, I don't even care about a lot of it. I miss seeing real thought. Someone who probes their own soul for a source of motivation, who puts their faith in the vibrant colors of historical metaphors and is not afraid to give real thought to what is old and new.

thanks again, it's been forever since I've done some real introspective writing but this is an encouragement to get back to it. Grad school only goes so far to satisfy the soul. :-)

btw, the roof was the perfect setting for this piece. And I love your backyard! It's a far cry from my current residence in Baltimore. Man I miss nature. I don't think I'll ever get used to the city.

So how have you been? Don't ask me how I got on blogger and made it here, it was extremely roundabout and random. Congratulations on being one of my few, still active and relevant friends!

~Dan Midgett

Gray said...

Wow, Dan, it has been a while! Good to hear from you and thanks for stopping by! You should post on your blog again!

Danzibar said...

I'm thinking about it. ;)

I have put one new post up...just catching everyone up on my life. A whole lot has changed, but it's pretty much all good. I can feel God walking with me along the way as I make these new steps in my life, and sometimes I just step back in my mind and I can't believe all that has happened, and I'm SOOO excited to see where God will take me in this life. That's one of the reasons I like this piece so much because it resonates with that feeling of love and urgency in our faith. I want so much to see the true people of God come together...I love to see the excitement and exuberance--the myriad of giftings...but most of all I love to see God work in the midst of it and in our hearts. :)

Tear away the curtain! :D