you never can begin to live until you dare to die...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Battle Creed

We’re outnumbered, we cling to the action that’s right holding to the beckons of a feeble light with ferocity, forsaking the darkness closing in the epic of our journey is about to begin come with me, come with me… The times are dark and our chances are grim But who is more enabled than me and my kin To live and to die in a way that makes the others look over, so come with me. Come with me. I am ready for the fight! I am ready to wake up I am sick of just enough I am reaching for the light! I want to be alive! I want to feel the truth I want to die in pain I am grasping toward the light! becoming numb is our fear and it’s closing in fast This ship isn’t sinking with its sails drawn at half-mast We’re not searching for a battle-high It’s more than that It’s a treasure hunt for a hidden key to this secret So come with me, come with me. (Didn't enunciate very clearly for the second verse... sorry, guys)

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