you never can begin to live until you dare to die...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I do dare to live a life of extravagant happiness. I will love so fiercely, live so much gladness, that everyone will think that it isn’t fair.
But I will cherish this happiness, and not guilt myself into giving it up because other people don’t have it. No, instead I will find ways to make that happiness for other people, pouring it into every corner that I visit, fearlessly showing my loved ones that I care, allowing my sympathies to be stricken into helping my fellow men with everything inside of me.
But I will not give up my high ground, and sink into despondency. The world needs a higher ratio of happiness to depression, and I will be among the happy. Just my very joyful presence will lighten the load of the overburdened, terrible, broken world.
I do dare to live a life of extravagant happiness."


Sandy said...

And you do a good job of it, Grace.

Liz Patterson said...

this took my breath away. With more beauty and compelling eloquence than I could ever master, you've just written what I've always dreamed of putting into words. This is amazing! I hope you don't mind - but I'd like to repost this one my blog, linking back to you. It is just so perfect!

Gray said...

Thank you, Sandy.

No, of course I don't mind, Liz! As you can tell, I quote your own blog often enough. Although, I wish I could get my spacing and indents to work as well as you did. I'm so tech inept. =P

Autumn said...

Beautiful. Gray, may I also share this on my blog linking back to you/ Its message is one that many people should think about and hear. Gorgeous as always.