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Friday, November 18, 2011

The Haircut

This project is actually from a while back, but I've put off posting it as long as I could.

I gave myself a haircut.

Correction-- I gave myself a mullet.

I was trying to punk my hair without going short. It.... worked?

BUT give me some points here. I was watching the insanely awesome movie Charlotte Grey WHILE I worked on this project.... and the whole time, I kept wishing I was giving myself a 40s long bob, which would now be impossible with my choppy layers.

Old man rockstar mullet haircuts + insanely awesome historical drama films = Grace is unhappy with her haircut.

Buuuuut it's growing on me. I keep adding feathers. I think that peacock ones are next. Mom says it looks like my head is about to fly off my neck. =P


Kyle said...

Your hair is growing on you? Now *there* is a great pun! Bahaha...

(By the way, the haircut isn't bad.)

Katherine Sophia said...

I like it! :D though old man rockstar mullet haircuts is making me laugh... but I think it looks nice - and feathers are always cool. ;)

Autumn said...

I actually like it. :D