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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gabby and Grace strike again. Yes, stuffed apples. Gabs made the stuffing [cream cheese, nuts, cranberries, brown sugar and spices] whilst I carved the apples [cause she's good at mixing and I'm good at.... cutting things? I don't know. I cut myself at one point during this venture, so maybe I flunked. But Gabs is really great to have around because she always cooks yummy things. But just to do myself a little justice, I did all the arranging and cinnamon-spooning.]

This one was too ugly to include with the others, but we took pity on it [actually, I should say that Gabby took pity on it. I was somewhat indifferent to the mushy thing] and gave it a place of its own. Gabs would send her hoard of howler monkeys after me if I didn't post its picture.

Well, voila, I guess.


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