you never can begin to live until you dare to die...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What is this? This confusion,
like a blustering of emotions
waging, winding around me,
forcing it’s way through the cracks in my foundation
like unsought opinions.
Is there a reason?
Am I questioning things?
Or am I piling dirt to the smallest of hills?
Shall I create an issue to sooth the frustation?
An outlet, a release?
Or can I find a better end-all
To solve the mysteries my soul uncovers.
I feel dazed in this whispy rain,
puzzled as to the meaning in these very words.
An outpour of dizzying thoughts
that lead down a path of supposed enlightenment
And all I get are hiccups and headaches.

--From Janae at Vague Recollections of a Future Life

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