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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So bliddy excited! Thor, I love you. You really should have been nicer to Loki, but I'm glad that you weren't because you're terribly relatable. And you gots great action chops. Stark, man, I'd never date you, but you're really amusing, you know? I was learning to tolerate you, and even think that you were cool, but then Pepper caved in IM2. YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO GET HER YET. She was supposed to hold you in agony for waaaay longer than that. Thus, I'm frustrated with the both of you. HOWEVER, she is the CEO of your company now. So there. I see that there were no Pepper clips. Sad, but not unexpected [sniff!]. I didn't think that Gwyneth Paltrow would endure another superhero movie anyway. Captain America, I don't even know what your other name is because I haven't seen your movie, but you're probably awesome. And Scarlet/Black Widow, really? Are you the only girl we get to look at in the whole movie? Because I thought that your character got kind of old in IM2, no offense.

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