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Friday, October 28, 2011

San Gabriel [Sevilla] de Federico García Lorca

[Yeah, I'm hunching, I know; I don't usually do that when I'm speaking for an audience but the mic stand was too low and it would have been quite noisy to adjust it. The trials of being tall!]

There you have it. This was taken last Monday --the first day of my new resolution-- and was my outpouring of artistry for the day. Earlier in October, one of my old Spanish professors invited me to be among her group of readers reciting the works of Spanish poet Federico García Lorca from his book, "Romancing the Gypsies" (or at least, that's the title in English) for a special performance at my (former) community college. I was very flattered and a little unnerved, considering that I was the only reader who hadn't made my first foray into the Spanish 200 level.

I wish that I could do justice to Spanish poetry. But I can't. Yet.

Our college was especially honored to have Spanish classical guitarist Francesc de Paula Soler playing with us. He was so cool. When I met him, I was so awed that I forgot to say, "Encantada" as I shook his hand.

Quedate peligroso,


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