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Friday, October 21, 2011

My mouth feels very....fresh.

While usually, I gargle hydrogen peroxide twice daily, today, I decided to venture into new mouth-hygiene territory. In the family toothbrush drawer in the bathroom, I found a little bottle that said, 0.63% Stannous Flouride. 0.63%, I thought, That's not very much. So rejecting my beloved, familiar bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide, I decided to give it a try and poured what would amount to a large gulp into my gaping mouth.

The stuff felt sticky and syrupy and... numbing. While I swished, I read the back of the bottle.

Preparation Instructions.....blah blah blah....shake thoroughly....blah blah blah....

....this prepares the recommended 0.1% Stannous Flouride solution.

0.1%? This nearly made me swallow the whole mouthful, which wouldn't have been good, I assure you. I spat into the sink, already conscious that my lips felt numb, and proceeded to wash my mouth out with water for the next five minutes.

Then I returned to my beloved Hydrogen Peroxide and filled my mouth with that.

It felt kind of tingly and fizzy in reaction with the Stannous Flouride.

I hope that's not bad. My mouth did feel super....fresh.

I hated Chemistry.

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