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Sunday, October 30, 2011

I really don't know if this counts as something creative, and my version of sewing [replacing buttons on thrifted clothing articles] definitely isn't artistic [although LIB'S version of sewing DEFINITELY is], but this will have to count for today.

Once again, the picture doesn't accurately depict the button below. It's plastic-y with fakey gold paint.
But the tunic itself [or I think it was supposed to be a dress, initially, although I'd never wear it as a dress] is so darn cool and very nautical.

And I happen to have an antique nautical button collection. Some of my buttons are from naval uniforms. I bought a bunch for my fifteenth birthday and I've always loved them, though I have never done anything with them other than keep them in my display case, next to my collections of birds' nests and Native American arrowheads.

Which is what most people would do with an antique nautical button collection, if you know what I mean.

But if I were an antique nautical button, which had in former days proudly been sported on some naval officer's uniform, would I want to spend my days getting dusty in a display case next to birds' nests and arrowheads?

Nooooo sir. I would want to frolic around on the navy-blue tunic of a Hornblower-smitten eighteen-year-old brunette in search of adventures.

So I replaced those plastic gold painted buttons.

And now I can wear this thing without shame.

TADA! [You would not believe how long this took me. Sewing isn't my strong point, but I've been known to sew brother-friends' hats back together for them].

While I sewed, I listened to Sarabeth working on music theory homework in our music/play/schoolroom and we half-hollered a conversation from our respective work places about augmented and diminished chords [about which the only thing I know is pretty much that they sound cool. Sabam is far more knowledgeable, however]. Then she started playing some of this:

I was thoroughly wowed. And then I discovered this, which is also really schweet:

[I love his outfit]

Stay dangerous,


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