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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Fashion sense matters, even for you, perhaps especially for you. I don't think you understand how important good style is, how much it changes your image in the eyes of your small-minded feminine acquaintances. You could complain, but girls have stopped complaining about how unfair it is that guys are visual, so just shut up and listen.

Women notice what men wear because their dress reflects the amount of time and money put into their clothes; since ancient times, fashion has marked how much wealth a man has and thus whether he is able to fulfill the traditional role of provider. I know that men don't always take on this role in our modern world, but it's somewhat instinctual. Because of this, you don't need a nice face to be considered attractive. If you don't believe me, take it from the American Psychology Association [really really interesting citation].

Oh darn. I was about to go into the importance of good shoes and good jeans, but I have to run...... be warned-- more posts on the same subject coming up [Bridget, I hope you're rooting me on....].


Keaghan said...

YES! Yes, yes, YES.

There are some absolutely horrid trends in men's fashion right now. (Skinny jeans, tight v-neck t-shirts, three-quarter sleeved plaid shirts that look like they belong in the GIRL'S section...)

Sorry. Just my opinion. *blush*

Would love to read more of your opinions!


Gray said...

That's really funny. I absolutely love all of the trends that you just listed. Especially skinny jeans. Oh, and v-necks. Ooh, and anything plaid. Then again, I'm a seattlite, and this kinda comes with the territory. What I'm talking about is more of a lack of style-- socks and sandals, homeschool-jeans, athletic shoes for non-athletic events. However, I don't think that guys need to wear v-necks to be fashionable, if they don't care to. I just like them, personally.

Keaghan said...

Funny. ;) I know some people who like the trends I listed...just my personal opinion, I suppose.

And I totally know what you mean by a "lack of style." *shudder* Can be rather...well...annoying.



Bridget said...

Um, HECK YEAH! Can't wait to read your next posts. ;]

Gray said...

Bridget: =D

Keaghan: Once again, we differ a bit. =P "Lack of style" doesn't make me shudder. I don't find it "annoying" either. At all. It usually shows me that a person isn't very image-conscious, which has a good connotation in my book. =) However, I don't think that many gents understand the effect that style has upon womenfolk, and enlightenment in this direction was my goal with this post.

Anyway-- I don't mean to pick on you! I just felt a need to point that out. I would otherwise be misrepresenting my stance. =)

Hannah said...

Ugh! The athletic shoes all the time! drives. me. nuts! definitely agree.

The Wanderer said...

Hmmm... as a guy, I like the idea of being fashionable, and I pay attention to what I wear, but I certainly don't keep up with trends, mainly because I can't afford to. Also, I dislike the idea that girls would want me to look well-off. I don't want to attract girls who are interested in my financial well-being - I want to attract girls who are interested in me as a person, regardless of fiscal matters. I understand that one wouldn't want to marry someone who wasn't responsible, but still. If anything, my lack of new clothes is a sign of good fiscal priorities. (And mind that I'm saying this as someone who has designed clothes as a hobby).