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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Someone save me from internet freefall...

Have you ever stumbled across a random teenage girl's polyvore or blog or tumblr or wordpress that's filled with graphics emblazoned with sayings like

but they just go on and on and on, emo-ish trite little teenager sayings and song lyrics and graphics, and you realize that you've just stumbled across a broken heart that doesn't know how to stop itself? That's bathing in the pain? That's lonely? That for some reason has chosen to feel stranded?

I hurt for these teenage girls when I stumble across their web domains. I wish I could reach over the internet and give them hugs.

But then I realize that that wouldn't do anything, because I'm a girl, and they're looking for a cure that I can't give them. They don't want ordinary friendship and support. Even a guy's internet-hug would be non-sufficient and creepy... unless he met the threshhold for attractiveness and sweetness.

Still, I feel a hurt.

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Ashley said...

Poor girls!

I've never felt a heartbreak like that, but I cry for them.