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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Words from Sophe-my-sister:

"Grace, why is it that we like the way we look best when we're coming in from a run at 9 at night, totally drenched with rain from a thunderstorm and with mascara smeared down our faces?"

I feel real.


Kyle said...

I like that. I came in the house today after a long bike ride. I took off my full-face helmet to discover that underneath, I was in fact soaked. I liked the look. The other members of my family... not so much.

The best though is coming in from snow-shoveling and taking off my toque (Beanie, to you Americans). It's like my hair gained sentience...

Autumn said...

Awesome!!!! Hahaha funny too. Bit cold and dark here in Australia for a run at that time. Tell Sophe IMO she is very wise.

Hannah said...

I went dancing in the rain last night. My mother was not too pleased, but I liked the drenched feel... :)

{Libby} said...

Diddo here too. I lovey Soph Quotes. There should be more (as well as posting by her)
Gray - I am so lovin' you on blogger!

See you later!

-The Lib-ster