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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spanish, blog posts about goodbyes, fairytale cliches.... you get the idea

Here's another knockout post by blogger Liz... and I haven't even had time to scan her other recent posts, but they look even more promising.

Do you know that feeling when you discover a little written piece of something and you don't have time to read it just then, but you get this little thrill... this little ripple of anticipation as you envision yourself delving into later?

I'm writing part of my final project for Spanish III right now... it's a play [una obra =)] titled "True Love" [Amor Verdadero], about a fairytale prince who awakens a princess from her death-like sleep with a kiss. He discovers, however, upon the return of her consciousness, that she is very indignant about having been kissed and would rather have remained unconscious.

I wrote a short story in English similar to this at some point in junior high. It feels fluffy and fun to revisit the idea. I can't believe how witty I thought it was at the time. Hehe.

I'm getting tired of inserting accent marks into my composition. I'm at the college library and I'm longing for my convertible Spanish keyboard back at home.

Went dancing last night. First time in a while. Since when did some of my friends get so good at leading? I tend to take over if I feel my partner doesn't know what he's doing... how pleasant to discover that he wouldn't let me! Makes me sparkle to think about it.

Also, to tie back to my link from Liz.... plans for working in Spain are looming up ahead....

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