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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The bin Ladin follow-up

First off, here's a fascinating little article about Hilary Clinton and Audrey Tomason's mysterious disappearance from a Hasidic newspaper's publication of the rapidly-dubbed-iconic photo of President Obama in the "Situation Room" [has this photo been dubbed iconic rather too rapidly, or is it just me?]. If you want something a bit more concrete, ABC News published an article as well.

I know this is a little tardy, but I can't help but take a minute to exclaim over how much the White House's story has changed over the bin Ladin raid. Does this make anyone else a little miffed?

Most importantly, though -and this is enough to assuage most of my indignation- they're clearing up their mistakes as they go, not trying to hide that they've messed up.

Way to keep them on the straight-and-narrow, press.

How do I tie these two incidents together? If the media is playing watchdog aptly, it forces the officials to correct their story, as in the case of the specifics of the Osama raid. Its job is to challenge the most-accepted, purported version of the story--- not ever, ever to censor it.

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Camellia Day said...

I can't help but agree. :]