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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where do you get your news?

From the web?

From TV?

From a traditional newspaper?

Drop a comment with your answer.

I think that if we compare answers here, our results will bear a resemblence to those of copious other similar, larger scale polls of late: traditional papers are not doing well right now.

This is a natural part of the pros of technology and the internet-revolution that is changing society and its perpetual eschanging of information as we know it.

This isn't a problem [although those of us who dream of a pre-industrial world in our off-hours will be a little depressed at the death of black ink of delicate dingy white news pages].

What is a problem is that the news industry isn't doing a competant job at keeping up with changing times.

I hope that the industry recovers.

I hope that they keep their minds open to new possibilities, because if all news is free, we will eventually get what we're paying for.
The Wall Street Journal's app is going to be imperative. Hopefully news providers will continue to dream up ideas like this.

Really, the idea of a news app is not markedly revolutionary or anything like that. So why is it taking so long for news providers to adjust? Why are they posting their content for free on their websites, relying on advertising that they know cannot support them?

And now, help me out here for a second.

If you were the prez of a big news company, what changes would you impliment to keep up with changing times and means of communication?



Ashley said...

I don't rad the national news; though I DO read our local paper.

My Dad reads Fox news via the web. Fox only. Fox Forever.

Autumn said...

I find all my news on the web.