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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Let's get one thing straight, friends: life is just oisome.

[Image by Keilah Engstrom]

Don't know what's overtaken me, but I'm posting on my blog. ::Gasp:: Don't fall out of your chair, now.

Life is oisome.

There are a few things you need to know. For starters, I'm eighteen. Call me predictable and antiqueted, but I feel that this is significant.

Brennan: Grace, you're turning eighteen. I'm so sorry. We cool sixteen-year-olds won't allow ourselves to associate with you. [Brennan is chuckling and elbowing me teasingly]

Grace: Brennan! You look like you're about to cry!

Brennan: [looks surprised] I do?

Grace: It's okay, though. Someday this awesomeness will happen to you, as well. There is hope yet. And I know it's going to be hard for you, not associating with the eighteen-year-olds, but your day will come.

Being awesome, Brennan laughed.

I think that only three or four or so posts down, I was almost lamenting turning seventeen [yes-- I've really neglected this Locket o' mine]. If Brennan [who totally rocks my socks off, for the record] had teased me then, I would have been the one bursting into tears, or at least, "looking like I'm about to cry."

But this crazy roller coaster that is life! This adventure-- it's going to be thrilling. It's going to leave me breathless [I'm already panting, I don't know about you...] and it's nothing to be afraid of.


Nahla of the Eastern Winds said...

lol!!!! Well, happy belated bday!!! (lol!!) eighteen does sound like a good year ^-^

Marian said...

You're back! :) Happy 18th B-day!

Lèrowen said...

Happy 18th Birthday! I so wish we could have come up and see you guys on our way home from Regionals.

Hannah said...

Had I not read this at 12am last night in a host house with very thin walls, I would have audibly squeald with delight upon seeing this post. :)