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Friday, January 21, 2011

Movie Review: His Girl Friday

I know, I know. It's old. It's in black and white. But it's sizzling hot.

Watch this. Look, they can almost talk faster than I can.

Hilde, a former 'newspaperman,' has decided to break free from the paper business and get married to an insurance salesman. However, her ex-husband and former boss, Walter, sets his jaw and determines to win her back when he hears the news.

Against her inner forebodings, Hilde agrees to write one more story for Walter and the paper, lured by promises of a big check for her not-so-well-to-do fiance and herself. Hilde's assignment is a feature about an insane man accused of murder... whom authorities insist must hang in order to insure the reelection of the city governor.

The plot is excellent; however, what I really love about this movie is its characters:

Walter, insufferable, yet charming, insists on treating Hilde like an equal by being as boorish to her as he is to the rest of humanity. Bruce, Hilde's fiance, is Walter's foil. He is a man who treats Hilde like a lady but not a person, but whom never-the-less stands in awe of Hilde for her capabilities. And best, there is Hilde: strong, yet desperately clinging to her womanliness as she searches for the place she loves.

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