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Monday, January 11, 2010

Defenestration. Dun. Dun. Dunnn.

SBM? Lib? I think you will agree that it was a small window. Large enough for quite a bit of honor to be attributed to our feats.

Last night I was defenestrated by Peach and SBM (Problematic).

Then I sat down to post about it... to find that Libby and Problematic had already related the incident to you, only in regards to their personal experiences at defenestration. You have to check the Internet fairly often around here to keep up with things. Now I'm regretting not writing this post last night, as I originally intended, just wishing I could be a part of the it's-Sunday-night-and-we're-blogging-about-being-defenestrated club.

Oh. But I was also refenestrated. I was pulled back. And we invented a word.

Shhh! Girls! Huddle in close: Next week, after church, we're all going to surround Ophie, grab her, and defenestrate her instantaneously. She'll love it, because she missed the defenestrations last week and was sorely disappointed. She was dutifully sweeping the church's upstairs with Equus Delirus.

Got it? Are we agreed? Poor Ophie. It's turning out quite nicely that she isn't checking up on blogs right now.

She'll be delighted.

I have an odd sort of confidence in my sister's aptitude for such activities.

Peach? Bring jeans. I have confidence in you, as well.


Haley Kovach said...

Pardon my ignorance.

But what is defenestration?

Lady Nai said...

That word cracks me up.

And, Haley, defenestration is being thrown out a window.

For the record, Much ADORES that word. Even though it was invented way after 1191.


But anywho.

Haley Kovach said...

I see. :D

Milli said...

You've been awarded!