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Monday, January 18, 2010

The born debater embraces her destiny:

This morning I registered for the Puget Sound NCFCA Speech and Debate Qualifier. As in past years, I've signed up for several speech events, although this season I'm trying more than ever before-- five. More on those later.

I was sitting in the kitchen, munching on a couple particularly scrumptious strawberries, when Ophia walked in.

"So," -she plopped down next to me- "You're signed up for debate?"




"So... what's the resolution?"

"I dunno."

Yes. This will be interesting.

I've got so much to do before a different tournament this weekend. I shouldn't really be on blogger presently... I'm justified, however, because as I type, I'm photocopying about 23 pages from Jane Eyre, my Dramatic Interpretation piece for this year. The book is resting on the copy machine, with my two arm-weights on its spine to hold the pages down. Who knew my weights were duel purpose?

Oip! The last page for Jane Eyre is coming through the copier right now. Time to go. But first, a quote from Ophie and my humorous duo interpretation [which we need to practice]:

Emily [Gray]: "Oh, Cornelia! This is terrible! I intended to be on deck when we sailed. I just know I'd get a lump in my throat as I saw our native land slipping over the horizon!"

Cornelia [Ophie]: "Our native land stays still. We slip over the horizon."

Emily: "Oh."


Sarah Aldrich said...

Hey grace! Are you going to the seattle tournament? I'll be there!

Haley Kovach said...

I loved your duo!!!!!!!!!! So glad I got to see it!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, funny quote... =P

Bridget said...

You are insane my dear...but you are definitely going to be awesome at LD. ;]

David said...

Wait, so did you just decide to do LD? And your competing this weekend?

Peach said...

I do believe she meant there's a tourney being held this weekend, but she's competing in one in late Feb (18-20, right Gray?)

Well, my dear- you know I'm always praying for you! Go get 'em, tiger!


Hannah said...

I LOVE your duo. So much fun. :)

Ooh! You're doing LD next tournament? I just figured out what that was today. ::smiles sheepishly like any other novice::