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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Life's few perks...

I just finished that essay.


The one on Hitler's art obsession and ridiculous standard for perfection and their effects on his WWII campaign.

I was just looking up those last few illustrations/graphics to accompany my essay on Google images, searching for a particular painting of a very buff male discus thrower. The Nazis loved it, it was the epitome of their art standard, and the image really would have added to my paper.

But I couldn't find it.

And I forgot about that famous statue from the Classical art era. You know... the Discus Thrower? THE discus thrower?

If you don't, go look it up. I promise you you'll find it. I did, and I wasn't even looking.

Yeesh. At least the Nazis' painting had clothes on.

Actually, while I appreciate the sculpture as a beautiful piece of art (doesn't it just look like that discus is about to fly from his fingers? DUCK!), I didn't exactly have the best of times wading through 342 Google Images of it while still in search of my Nazi painting.

Still, even when wading through hundreds of classical nude sculptures on the web at 30 minutes shy of midnight, life has its perks, as my title said.

I found this splendid T-shirt:

Oh! How I wish I knew some discuss throwers!


√čarwen said...

*cracks up*
Too bad, I know so many of them... XD

Calico Zak said...

Hmmmm... I heard a little bit of Hitler liking art and perfection.

And speaking of Hitler, I met a guy a couple of weeks ago with the last name of Kiezer, which sounds like the German Emperor or king or what not, and so I had the Vonderful Idea of calling him Hitler. Unfortunately a girl who loves annoying nick names was standing right next to him. So now he has a new nick name, and its all my fault.

Oh well at least it's not me! ;)

~Calico Zak

Logan said...

A very interesting book, "Hitler and the Power of Aesthetics" (I forget the author) is all about how he felt like he was an artist who was forced into politics. Indeed, most of his political career he kept alluding to the fact that all he wanted was to retire so he could paint and design buildings. If only he'd gotten into that art school in Vienna...

Wes said...

Want to learn abourt how all of the art Hitler stole was located and saved?
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If you like The Morning Joe Show video clip with Doris Kearns Goodwin discussing The Monuments Men (, check these out!

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Passing the Torch: Touching video clip of Robert M. Edsel discussing his last conversation with Lane S. Faison. -

Robert M. Edsel discussing the amazing story of one of nine living Monuments Men, German born Harry Ettlinger. -

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Thank You,

Robert M. Edsel

Bracie said...

I'm reading the Monuments Men right now...Hahahaha.

Wes said...

Awesome! It's a great story and true too!! did you hear about the discovery Mr. Edsel and the Monuments Men Foundation had last week?

Peach said...

Well, Bracie, I DO hope any discus throwers you meet will be the clothed type... :-) ---P

Argentia said...

Do I EVER know how it is about wading through classical art sculpture. We've been reading a book for art this year that I wish didn't have quite so many pictures. For my sake, and my poor brothers...
But I appreciate the discus thrower one and many, many others. I just wish they wore clothes. :P

Your Mother said...

Bracie dear,
If I thought it would get here in time, I would buy that t-shirt for you. Your post really make me laugh.
Love you, dear,
Your Mother