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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The meaning of life in everything:

Over at Problematic's blog, or perhaps Ophelia's, you may have read interesting snippets concerning a church bus trip.

Ah, yes. Oh, what a trip.

As the drive to Oregon was long, we found ...creative... ways to keep ourselves occupied.

One of which was 'finding the meaning of life in everything.'

It all began, you see, when, some time ago, Problematic and Peach endeavored to find the meaning of life through gummy bears. They'll have to explain that one for themselves. In fact, Problematic has a post on that coming up shortly... or so she tells us.

While on the bus, amidst Peach and Problematic's 'gummy bear gloating,' a fellow passenger, Hannah, decided to find out if the two girls could demonstrate what they averred.

Then the questions came. "Find the meaning of life in pocket lint." "Or asphalt!" "Marshmallows!"
My favorite: "How about toenails?"

Peach handled 'Asphalt' admirably, saying that it shows the glory of God, and then referencing the scripture that mentions the streets of heaven being paved with gold.

Problematic was extremely clever when addressing pocket lint...

I was rather proud of my 'toenails' analysis.

"Toenails demonstrate our need for heroes in this world. The proteins, keratin, that become toenails are sacrificial beings, taking on the hard knocks and dangerous beatings of life so that the rest of the toe can stay squishy and soft. Being a hero --a toenail, so to speak--- will harden you, perhaps destroy your innocence, but the role of a protector is there so the rest of us can live happy, bubbly lives."

Frodo would've been proud. He's a toenail if I ever saw one.

So now it's your turn:

Find the meaning of life in coffee pots!


Peach said...
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Peach said...

How 'bout this one: Like coffee pots, we are given information (water, coffee grounds of differing brands, roasts and grinds) that we are to filter through the truth of God's word, resulting in a glorious brew that others smell/see/taste (metaphorically speaking, or course).---P

Sarah Aldrich said...

Coffee pots signify the people in our life who give us the energy to keep going. Those people who give us the boost of caffeine to make it through the day. Ah yes, and then there's the decaf poepl who try to give us a boost but....