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Monday, November 2, 2009

Me Poor Devoted Scibblers:

You thought I'd never mention the devoted scribblers thing again, did you?

Especially after you all commented asking me to put you up and I never did, eh?

The "Devoted Scribblers" list on the sidebar is very incomplete. I'm sorry!

So here's what you do now: You grab a button (I'll post all of then soon), link it to my original post about devoted scribblers (HERE) and then....

(Here's where it gets tricky)

Comment AGAIN.

Yes, folks, comment again with these pieces of information:

A- Your blogger name

B- Your blog name

C- Your blog URL.

Pretty much clear? Okay! Go grab a button!


Problematic said...

Problematic, from It's Raining.

Katherine Sophia said...

Katherine Sophia, from Seek Him First.
I love scribbling! :)

Hannah said...

Hannah from Aspire at ^^

Lizzy said...

Lizzy from Tales of a Godly Maiden at

Gwyniver said...

:D Got it!!
My 'name': Gwyn
Blog name: Plain(s) Girl


Cassie said...

Here I am (again) :D
Cassie @ Inside My Mind

I prefer the button with Jo :D


ElizabethMarieKauffman said...

ElizabethMarieKauffman from Visiting With Dragons

Assr vĂ­sa ykkarr or∂.


Rose Marchen said...


A Rose in Bloom

Anonymous said...

Una from Una's Thoughts

Jo March said...

Jo March

Scraps from my Workbasket