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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

For ye who are gifted with film:

I have this thing with photos.

I can't take them.

My younger sister Ava is 5 years old and her photography skills far exceed my own.

Give me a paintbrush or a extra soft lead #4 sketch pencil and I'm fine. But a camera? Watch me run.

My incompetence with a camera contrasts sharply with Kei's amazing adeptness and this isn't to say that I don't appreciate photography! I'm an avid photography-enjoyer- (?).

Which is why I am so excited about the blogger event going on at Looking Through the Lens. Hey! Those of you who are more talented with shutter speeds and such than I, I encourage you, extol you to go check out Kei's contest at Looking Through the Lens...

Check it out HERE and spread the word!

Happy photography! And for me? I'll just sit back and watch... =D

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Keilah said...

Aww... Thanks girl!!