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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Finally! And a few references to Hercules!

(This was the first header that I found in my files... isn't it beautiful? I'll use them all successively.)

The Devoted Scribblers are up!

Go make sure your name is on the list!


Below, I've shown you where to link it.

Now it's time for your homework (you didn't know you'd have homework, did you?)



Yes. Anyway. You have homework.

Your task is this (Hey! Maybe I'll make seven like the seven herculean tasks! I like it!).


(I know, I didn't choose you... you came to me... it was more herculean, though)

And your first task isssssssssssss............ (Drumroll please, while you all say "awe, cumm'on Bracie, how long can you possibly drag this out!?")

Your first task is to tell me what your writing about right now. As in: currently. This month/week/year/whatever.

Can you do that? The comment box is waiting.

I hope that maybe we can turn this blog into a sort of a forum during the taxing month of November. As in: NaNo WriMo is here. AHHHH!!! I have to write thousands of words everyday!! I don't have time for blogging!

By "forum," I mean lots of interactive comments in which we all discuss what we're writing about because, as said above, we have no time for blogging.

Write what you're writing about. Herculean task #1.

We'll see if I get to numbers 2,3,4,5,6, and 7.


Problematic said...

I'm writing about a girl who disappears without a trace, and how she tries to get visible again. :D

Emily Anne said...

Cute blog! :-)

Hannah said...

I'm gonna the link to find out what I'm writing about: (aka, my nanowrimo novel ^^)

Bracie said...

Na No pages are GREAT! That more than works.

Katherine Sophia said...

Ahhh! I knew there was going to be something... Ok, right now I'm working on an allegory, a western, and a story that takes place in ancient Syria circa 800BC!

Qwipster said...

i'm writing about a boy, a traveling jack-of-all-trades, a policewoman, a monster, and a girl in a coma on a quest. With airships. And giant spiders.

Alexandra said...

I'm editing my first novel, a historical about a secret room, a reclusive uncle, a mysterious photograph, and a girl who has to choose between her heart and what is right, and writing a new contemporary about a single mother named Elaine, her terminally ill mother, and her mother's favorite author, who happens to be the father Elaine never knew.

***Emily*** said...

I am writing about a shape shifter(don't freak out!) who comes to know the love of Christ and is based loosley on the Apostale Paul.

Evergreena said...

I'm writing a Christian fantasy with a few sci-fi elements, about a girl who wakes up under a willow tree and can only remember other people's memories. And she has blue hair. :) She sets out to find a mysterious portal that could somehow be related to her past, but she gets caught up in a massive struggle between worlds.

It's going to be the 2nd book in a trilogy, called The Flicker Chronicles. I have no idea why I'm writing the 2nd book first.

Hannah said...

Hhmmm...I don't know if I'm doing this right, because I think I forgot something in the button area of the project a few posts back - I'm not all that devoted of a scribbler... But I'm currently sort of kind of writing [when I have time] a story about my friend and I, possibly. [you can see I'm not all that devoted... :-/] the other one is one about flutes and school. They both have ongoing themes of things in my life right now. =P know if you want to set up a forum, I can give you links where you can start one for free. :)

ElizabethMarieKauffman said...

I am writing a Christian Fantasy based in another land called Aleria which is part of a much larger world. And evil king has taken over the throne of men and is clamping his claw down on the people of the land. A group of rebels called the Konungr Ly∂r (King's Men) has sent out people to search for the rightful heir to the throne. A boy and girl get dragged separately into Borriad's (the main searcher, and First Knight of the Konungr Ly∂r) path, and it is the adventure, intrigue, and danger that the three of them encounter that the story is about.

Assr vĂ­sa ykkarr or∂.


Merriette said...

Well, my most recent story is my NaNovel.
It is the story of a brother and sister whose mother dies and whose father is...negligent. The boy pours himself into his sister, living to serve her and be for her everything that her dead mother and distant father aren't. The girl (6yrs his junior) leans on her brother for everything and there is none better in her eyes. As circumstances tear them apart, she learns to live without him while he is humbled and brought to the point of despair. It is there that he learns of God and of God's purpose for his life and he turns to Him. After escaping from his captivity, the brother tracks his sister through several countries, his faith in God growing through the trials and difficulties he faces in this search. At last they are reunited once more and both have changed and grown and they look back on the tremendous dificulties and sorrows and trials they had endured and marvel at the sovereign plan of God working out through what at the time had seemed could only be bad.
It needs a lot of work. :P