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Friday, October 16, 2009

When it comes to arguing on Blogger...

This started out as a comment... Tee hee...

Inflammatory posts--

Should they be discouraged?

For me, reading controversial content and then confirming my stance on an issue by verbalizing my thoughts is part of what blogger is. Share your opinions regardless of whether everyone will agree with you. In fact, with any given post, you can't get everyone to agree with you. There are too many different people in the world.

If I posted that I think it's sad how quickly we're using the earth's resources and some people don't even care, A LOT of people would disagree with me.

Or, if I wrote some horrible, completely rude remark that made fun of some minority group and then joked about it being "politically incorrect," A LOT of people would hate me (I WOULD'T write that, by the way...this was my hypothetical point...).

If I wrote that I thought abortion was killing countless children, MANY would have something to say about that.

Either way though, whether an opinion is generally considered "good" or "bad," I have the right to say it.

On The Locket, we do what I call "Debate Time!" posts every so often. I write them for people to debate about them. If they don't want to debate, they click X in the corner.

If I didn't write anything controversial, I wouldn't write anything substantial...

But tell me how you feel, and, somewhat ironically, I'll put it under "Debate Time..." =D


Anonymous said...

i completely agree!!!
in my opinion, you can't really write something without it being controversial to some, because people have different thinking process' than us! People think through things differently, so they come to different conclusions.
Blogger is a place to share your thoughts. and no matter what you think, ALL OF YOUR THOUGHTS ARE CONTROVERSIAL TO SOME. Being CHRISTIAN is controversial!!!!!!
anyway, that's how i feel. :)

Adam said...

The funny part is that if anyone disagrees, they shouldn't post about it by their own admission.