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Monday, October 19, 2009

Keeping a low profile... =D

I glanced at my old profile pic. And then I frowned.

I thought, I don't even LOOK like that anymore!

So I changed my photo to one of the nice ones Keilah took for Maid Marian stuff.

Again, I glanced at my profile. The new and improved profile. And I frowned again.

I mused, A little too serious? I'm not even smiling.

I think I'll keep it up for a while and then change it in a week or two... But believe it or not, this short, odd post serves another purpose- I'm introducing a side note to this week's Marian amazingness...

Disclaimer note: If, in any of my Marian pictures, I am NOT smiling, it is not because I am a depressed person. Or even because I'm in the habit of trying to pose for pictures like Keira Knightley.

It's because (*SIGH*) braces are, sadly enough, as historically inaccurate as you get.

Marian just wouldn't wield a tin grin.

I am, however, counting down the days until I get my braces off... even though my glorious, metal-free moment is about 5 months away...


Danzibar said...

Yay! I had braces once...a long, long time ago it seems like I can barely even remember wearing a retainer...I broke it and finally gave up wearing it, and my teeth didn't shift much...

Jare and Lib said...

There is hope at the end of the tunnle Brace!

Love you header! And your profile pic, I think its serious but I think you should keep it for a while at least (Have you ever seen any NORMAL profile pics? I haven't seen many of peole with just a smile under their nose). Plus you're's just looks completly awesome and horse-spirit-y like.

Evergreena said...

Braces are a pain. I'm glad I'm done with 'em. The only problem is I lost my retainer this week, and my Dad doesn't want to take out the trash yet in case it accidently got thrown away!

I'm sure the pictures will be awesome!

Marian said...

It's a nice profile pic! I don't think I've seen any BBC Marian publicity photos where she smiles with her teeth showing, so I think smiling (or not smiling) with one's mouth closed is just fine. :)

Rachel Pettersen said...

Oh Grace, you are beautiful. I love your new profile picture; it's amazing!! I hope you've been doing well lately... hopefully I'll talk to you soon!


Lady Nairam said...

Robin Hood freak stuff. :) I prefer "Professor of Robinhoodology" though. (I, too, wear a lot of green. Silly, I know.)

Anonymous said... - Visit us or die!