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Saturday, September 26, 2009

She moved thru' the fair... and drove to Dad's work....

(Meav... amazing voice.)

Yes, this is the music we used for the Celtic Zucchinis. But I love the song in its own right. Listen here:

Sorry, hyperlink wasn't working...weird.

As those of you who read Ophelia's blog know, we recently went to one of Washington's largest fairs.

And I had this song in my head all day. Marvelous song.

Heard some amazing folksie music by a fiddlin' group of homeschooled brothers and their parents. Very good. And fair rides were wonderful, as usual!

PS- My greatest apologies for not posting in ages.

Today, in attempt to gain a few more driving hours for my log, I drove Dad to work and back so that he could grab his sermon notes... which he'd left there during the week. He's preaching tomorrow!

Anyway, I drove through my busiest freeway traffic ever for a total of two hours- 1 there, 1 back. Can't imagine how Dad makes the commute everyday. When I came out of the car, my eyes felt like they were focused too large, because I'd been taking so much in on the road. Driving does that to you. Wonder if I'll ever get used to it?

I seem to be into sentence fragments today. Deary me.

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Ashley said...

The K fam at the fair are an amazing band! I saw them twice in one day!