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Monday, August 17, 2009

Template Troubles...

What should may layout look like? I need ideas. I know I probably have millions of readers out there by now (sarcastic snort. This is what, post #6?) but for my gentle readers (phrase borrowed from Ophelia [] who borrowed it from Miss Manners). But tell me what you think.


Jare and Lib said...

I LUVE what you have done with the picture! It looks Awesome!
I'm glad you did it, if I had it would look rather plain.

One thing I would like you to do on your site is to have commneting better. Have it come out in a diffrent window. Right now its sort'a takes a while to post a comment.

I just found this templates wepsite. I can't remember right now. I'll find it and email it to you. Will that be all right?

I also posted on QUILLT, just for you. =)

The Reluctant Dragon said...

I like this template. I like that you have a template. And now I am going to write an introductory post on my blog. =D

Keilah said...

Well.... I really REALLY liked the look you had a while ago. It was all white, with "wish blossoms". I loved how simple it was, it was east to read... and my eyes kind of tear up when I see the red next to this background.

This look is more you, though.