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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Glimpse into a summer day...

'Couple days ago, Chester and I set out, like many a summer day, with a lunge rope and my field bag in hand. This afternoon was different than all the others because I actually brought a camera. It is impossible to catch the essence of a summer day with words, so despite my lack of skills as a photographer, I brought it along.

Here we see a mutilated cheese stick. Mutilated is a horrible word, I know, but apt for the situation.
I was crushed, really. I admit, it was mostly my fault. I was sketching in the shade and Chess was grazing. Chester had stepped on it because I''d sprawled my belongings on the grass he was trying to eat.

If he wasn't so pretty, I'd be mad at him. =D

Chester is really very sweet. I turned him out to pasture for a minute, which is where he is in this photo. Then I could turn my attention tosketching without having my belongings stepped on.

I love his blood bay color. Orange is cute, too- Max, our pony, is orange. But Max deserves a post of his own...

Did I say sketching?

Yes, my field book. It holds poems, sketches, and watercolours. On top is the pencil case Ophelia made for me for Christmas. Didn't she do an admirable job?

I mentioned my field bag earlier. It doubles as a purse =D. That day it carried a phone (Dad likes to have me bring it along on all my excursions, so he or Mom can call me home), sketch book, pencil case, 2 knives, and snacks. Carrots for Chess and a (mutilated) cheese-stick for me. And the camera, of course.

I bought this particular bag at a gun show, of all places!
After Chester and I finished snacking (in addition to a cheese-stick, I munched on blueberries from the bush), we journeyed to an open, meadowy spot. I lunged him a little bit before we headed up.

Sometimes I think I could lunge Chester all day long. just watch him moving every muscle, going through his paces at my direction.
Then Ophie and I played with the dogs in the woods at twilight.

How do you spend your summer days?


Una said...

I spend my summer days doing hot paper routes. =(

Keilah said...

oh poor Una.

Brace, that was a wonderful post.
These summer days have been busy lately. I have been packing and getting ready for Gleanings. This summer I wish I could of gone on more adventures.

I love the pic of you and the boys. It looks like their hugging you.

(BTW, this is Lib, Not Kei. I'm just stealing her account *evil grin*)

Bracie said...

Oh Bethie, I'll miss you so much!

And you'll have SO much fun at gleanings!

Gwyniver said...

The Art contest is at HorseFeathers blog(http:/
And thanks for stopping by my blog!

Equus Delirus said...

I tagged you

Marian said...

Nice post; that is a really cute pencil case! There's various things I like to do in the summer, mostly sewing, writing, playing piano, drawing, and blogging. =) And watching sea-story movies.

Merriette said...

What a lovely way to spend summer. I love your field set of book, pencil case, and bag.