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Monday, August 31, 2009

Ever Notice?

I think Aragorn from LotR has a definite thing about names beginning with the letter A. I noticed this while looking at a tag on The Joraeim Files blog. I mean, check it out!

For starters, his name starts with A.

His 'significant other', Arwen, has a name starting with A.

Father's name? Arathorn.

Anduril, Flame of the West is his sword.

Give it up for the letter A!!!!


What was Tolkien thinking?


Anonymous said...

J.R.R.Tolkien liked everything to match, i suppose. Or maybe he was simply fond of the letter A... :P

***Emily*** said...

Hmm... thats weird! I noticed that Aragorn and Arwen both start with "A", but I never noticed his sword and his father's name started with "A's" too!

Marian said...

Don't forget the Argonath... :D

Bekah said...

The letter A is a great starter for names, I have to admit... :D


Adam said...

I think the letter A makes for a great first name.


Also, I think Tolkien went with all the A's because it fit with the languages he made up for his world.

Danzibar said...

A names are beautiful...besides, symbolically at least, if something starts with an "A" it seems more imortant. Maybe that's because A starts our alphabet and vowels. IT's like beauty and prominence rolled into one!

Anonymous said...

A's rock! My name starts with A^^